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Revlon Eye Shadow

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Revlon eye shadow

Color and shade your eyelids with Revlon eye shadow that's available in different formulas and colors. You can choose one color of eye shadow from Revlon that goes with a certain outfit or is perfect for a particular occasion. There are also Revlon eye shadow kits that include various colors that you can coordinate for evening or daytime looks.

For different styles

Here at, we carry Revlon eye shadow in convenient palettes, quads and singles. Coordinating colors are great for creating a smoky eye, a natural-looking shadow or a look that's party-ready. You can choose different shades for different seasons or base your color picks on your complexion. Some Revlon eye shadow kits also contain a darker color that you can use as a powder eyeliner.

Makeup and beauty products

Other cosmetics for revving up your eyes are available from Revlon, including eye lash curlers, mascara and liners. You can choose from different shades and tones of concealer, foundation and blush to match your color just right. For your other beauty needs, browse Revlon's hair color, nail polish and tweezers and shapers.

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