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Rogaine For Women

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Rogaine for Women at Walgreens

Rogaine for women is a product that is designed for use for women with thinning hair. Its clinically proven formula can help you regrow your follicles, leaving you with a thicker head of hair that is specifically made for a woman's needs. Rogaine for women is an FDA-approved hair treatment designed to add thickness to your scalp.

Hair Regrowth for Women

While hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, it is mostly hereditary amongst men and women. Rogaine is designed to combat hereditary hair loss by rejuvenating damaged follicles, allowing for thicker and fuller hair to grow back. Women suffer from a different type of hair-loss than men, which is why Rogaine for women is made with minoxidil. With regular application, Rogaine for women can help reinvigorate shrunken hair follicles and bring back a natural looking head of hair.

Rogaine Types

Rogaine for women comes in a topical solution form that is perfect for those who have thinning at the top of their scalp. It comes in an unscented design that is easy to apply. In addition, its child-resistant dropper application makes it safe to use around the house. Rogaine for women also comes with an information booklet, detailing everything you need to know about using the product. It comes in a single bottle or in a three pack. Each bottle is good for one month of use. Walgreens offers a generic bottle of minoxidil that features a similar design. It also includes a bottle that features a one-month supply of hair regrowth formula.

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