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Rowing Machines

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Rowing machines

Enjoy a total body workout with rowing machines. These exercise machines can work your arms, legs, abs and back. Because rowing is low-impact, i's an exercise that many people can do. There are several models of rowing machines to choose from. Find the features that are important to you among the variety of rowing machines available from Stamina here at

Effective and efficient

Rowing is both efficient and effective. Efficient because you work out so many muscle groups at once and effective because the resistance builds strength and gets your heart pumping so you burn calories. Some rowing machines don't take up much room and there are some that can be folded and stored conveniently out of sight. Check out the features of the machines you are interested in to compare and find the right one for you.

Track your progress

Make sure you are progressing in your workouts and remain challenged for continued results. There are fitness accessories that can help you get the most out of your workouts. Stay hydrated throughout exercising with reusable water bottles. Heart rate monitors help you track your heart rate to ensure you have reached the level to efficiently burn calories. Use a scale or body fat monitor to see your progress.

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