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Runny Nose Remedies

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Runny nose remedies

For better breathing and congestion relief, choose from an assortment of runny nose remedies. You can find nasal decongestants and other cold and flu medicines to help relieve your symptoms. There are also non-drug options to help keep your nose from running. Browse options from brands such as Vick's, TheraFlu and Robitussin here at to find your runny nose remedies.

Remedies for colds and flu

If taking a cold medicine works best for you, there are tablets as well as liquids in various flavors that you can take. Daytime cold relief can help you feel better as you go about your day, while night time relief can help you get the good night's sleep you need to recover. You could also use a nasal congestion remedy that contains a pain reliever to help reduce your discomfort caused by sinus pressure.

Facial tissue

Help keep your nose comfortable while you have a cold by using gentle facial tissue. There are various thicknesses available to offer complete absorption. To help reduce irritation, you can even use tissues with lotion that soothes your skin. Keep a travel pack in your car, pocket or purse so that you're never without. For the home, there are various packages in a range of colors and patterns to match your d?cor.

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