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Safety rails

For added peace of mind, safety rails can take away some of the hazards around the home. You can use assist rails on your bed to make laying down and getting up easier and safer. Toilet safety rails and bath rails are also available to help make daily living worry-free. Choose your safety rails from the selection of brands such as Drive Medical, Standers, Carex and Medline here at Walgreens.com.

In-home safety assistance

Safety rails for the bathroom can make getting around on a potentially wet, slippery floor easier. There are shower rails & suction grab bars that you can mount wherever it would be helpful to have a stabilizing bar. Toilet rails make it easier to sit and stand if you have stiff, achy joints. Bath safety rails can help you get in and out of the tub and there are different heights and options for mounting.

Bed safety rails can help you transition in and out of bed as well as turn over in bed. Bed rails come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to fit most beds. Find a sturdy, durable safety rail with a soft grip and the flexibility you need.

For all around the home

For other patient care and mobility needs, browse the variety of solutions here at Walgreens.com. To make showering or bathing easier, there are bath and shower chairs and transfer boards for safety and stability. You'll find a selection of wheelchairs, walkers and rollators to make it easier to get around independently. You can also find cleansing products, wound care and high blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes to help take care of the ones you love.