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Secret Clinical Deodorant

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Secret clinical deodorant

Secret clinical deodorant is a high-performance formula that reduces underarm sweating and destroys odor-causing bacteria. This powerful antiperspirant uses ingredients that offer long-term protection from wetness while leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.

High-performance antiperspirant

Secret clinical deodorant offers clinically proven, prescription-strength wetness protection that takes advantage of the body's normal variations in temperature, so it activates at night. This high-performance antiperspirant contains special odor-fighting capsules. These capsules not only absorb underarm odors, but also slowly release fragrance over the course of the day. This line of deodorants also has conditioners that soothe the skin, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation. This formula also doesn't leave a residue on your clothing.

Choosing between deodorants

Secret clinical deodorant comes in a few different scents, including a fresh water orchid scent and a lavender scent, so you can choose the one that smells best to you. Some variants of Secret clinical deodorant are waterproof deodorants, so they not only handle humidity well, they also won't accidentally wash off during water sports or showers. Secret also makes a clinical-strength sport antiperspirant, which is designed for people who are extremely active throughout the day. In addition to these high-performance deodorants, there is also a version of Secret clinical deodorant designed for individuals with sensitive skin. You can also purchase a travel-sized 0.5-ounce version of Secret clinical deodorant to take with you when you are on the go, in addition to the regular 1.6-ounce versions.

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