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Sensitive Skin Shave Creams

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Sensitive skin shave creams

Protect your skin with sensitive skin shave creams while you shave. Many of these shave creams are made without the additives and fragrances that can cause irritation and redness. Others help to protect your skin against razor bumps and nicks. Choose your sensitive skin shave cream from brands such as Gillette, Edge and Skintimate for a comfortable, close shave.

Daily use for women and men

Men and women alike can find sensitive skin shave creams to use each day. Some of these shaving creams are lightly fragranced with floral or musky scents, while others are fragrance-free. For skin-soothing benefits, try a sensitive skin shave gel that contains aloe or moisturizing ingredients.

More shaving supplies

In addition to using a sensitive skin shave cream, you can use a razor that's designed for sensitive skin. Similar to shave creams, the moisture strips on these disposable razors can contain vitamin E and aloe. You can choose the number of blades you prefer, as well as the scent and color of the razors. We also carry electric shavers and trimmers for your personal grooming needs.

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