Sensodyne Toothpaste

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Sensodyne toothpaste

You take a sip of coffee and you wince. You breathe in on a frosty morning and you cringe. You take a bite of your favorite sugary snack and you shudder. If you have experienced these types of moments before, you likely suffer from tooth sensitivity, a common dental condition. Sensitive teeth can cause brief, yet intense discomfort due to extreme temperatures and sugars in foods. The condition occurs when the hard outer layer of the tooth enamel becomes worn away, exposing the softer under layer called the dentin. Densely concentrated with nerve endings, the dentin is vulnerable to heat, cold and certain types of food, and when it comes in contact with a trigger, produces that sudden, sharp pain. Sensitivity can develop due to gum disease, tooth whitening products, improper brushing, teeth grinding and other factors, and whatever its cause, its symptoms can negatively impact your life. Sensodyne toothpastes were developed specifically for the needs of sensitive teeth and can help you alleviate many of the symptoms caused by exposed dentin.

Soothing sensitivity for over 50 years

Created by a pharmacist in 1961, Sensodyne toothpaste is made for those with tooth sensitivity. When you brush with Sensodyne, the toothpaste leaves behind potassium nitrate, a substance that clings to the exposed dentin on the tooth enamel. Functioning like a protective barrier, the potassium nitrate reduces how much of hot or cold liquids or foods, cold air and sugary substances that may reach the dentin. This lessens the effects of triggers and can greatly reduce the likelihood of sensitivity symptoms. Because of the unique formulation of Sensodyne products, the protective barrier that the toothpastes create remains in place for hours after brushing, providing relief from sensitivity that truly lasts. The benefits of Sensodyne have made it one of the most popular lines of toothpaste products for sensitive teeth on the market, and today, the brand is the number one dentist recommended sensitive toothpaste in the United States. The Sensodyne collection includes multiple flavors of its original formula as well as specialty products for tartar control, cavity prevention, breath freshening, teeth whitening and more.