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Shave Gels

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Shave gels

Protect your skin and get a close, smooth shave with shave gels for men and women. Whether you use disposable razors or an electric shaver, there are shave gels, lotions and shave creams that can make removing unwanted hair more comfortable. You can even find shaving gels for specific skin needs, such as shaving gels for sensitive skin. You'll find shave gels from brands Gillette, Edge, Nivea and more here at

Caring for your skin while shaving

If you have sensitive skin, try a specially formulated shave gel that is alcohol- and dye-free. Shaving creams and powders can also condition skin to prevent bumps and irritation. Even if your skin becomes inflamed, razor bump treatments can relieve, comfort and soothe.

From pre-shave to aftershave

Besides aftershave lotion, you can use a pre-shave gel to help prepare your skin and hair for shaving. Pre-shave oil can help lessen friction and minimize irritation, especially if used in conjunction with a good razor and aftershave balm.

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