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Shrek Gingerbread Costume

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Shrek Gingerbread Costume

In 2001, DreamWorks Animation introduced audiences to the magical world of Duloc and its fairy tale and nursery rhyme inhabitants with the popular movie Shrek. In addition to the hero ogre Shrek, his trusted sidekick Donkey and Princess Fiona, the movie brought many other comical characters to life. One favorite among adults and kids alike is Gingy, the spunky gingerbread man. With Shrek gingerbread man costumes from Walgreens, Gingy fans of all ages can get in on the fun of the Shrek films.

Officially Licensed Options

DreamWorks enters licensing deals with select designers and manufacturers, enabling them to produce costumes that are identical in appearance to the characters in their movies. Officially licensed Shrek gingerbread man costumes give adults and children a chance to dress up in ensembles that look just like the Gingy whom they remember from the movies. Gingy costumes are popular for Halloween and costume parties for both adults and children. Kids may also enjoy dressing up as Gingy at home to act out favorite scenes from the movie during playtime.

Shrek Gingerbread Man Costume Options

Because Gingy is such a popular character in the Shrek series, costume manufacturers offer different officially licensed costume options to help people dress up like the comical cookie man. You can find costumes that resemble Gingy in his everyday form as well as costumes that depict Gingy in some of the outfits that he wore during specific scenes in the Shrek movies. Most Gingy costumes include a bodysuit or a matching top and bottom to completely cover the body. A head mask is also included in most costume sets. You can check out the product descriptions to find out exactly what is included with each officially licensed Shrek gingerbread man costume carried by Walgreens.

Sizing for Gingy Costumes

You want to make sure that you or your child feels comfortable when dressing up as Gingy, so it's important that you carefully consider what size to purchase. Children's costumes typically feature number sizes that correspond to standard clothing sizes, while costumes for adults are typically sized Small, Medium and Large. Sizing charts are available on the product pages to help you determine which size to buy.

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