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Snickers Candy Bars

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Snickers candy bars

Snickers candy bars are extremely popular around the world and are often enjoyed as a between-meals snack or as a dessert. Invented in 1930, these tasty candy bars now come in a wide variety of sizes and flavor options. These candy bars are so popular that there are even Snickers Halloween costumes.

Chocolate bar options

Snickers candy bars come in a few different varieties. The original style of Snickers bar is composed of nougat, peanuts, and caramel covered in milk chocolate. In a Snickers Dark bar, the milk chocolate is replaced by dark chocolate. Other versions of Snickers candy bars include almonds or peanut butter. The standard Snickers bar is 2.07 ounces, the standard size for a chocolate bar, which is an ideal size for carrying in a purse or pocket when you are on the go. You can also get a king-sized chocolate bar, which is 3.23 ounces, or a pack of small 0.57-ounce Snickers candy bars. You can also get a variety pack of miniature candy bars that contains a few different versions of Snickers candy bars.

Alternative candies

In addition to Snickers candy bars, also carries a wide variety of other chocolate candy bars, including many others made by the same parent company, Mars. Some candy bars are simple milk chocolate or dark chocolate bars, while others contain various ingredients or combinations of ingredients, such as fruit pieces, nuts, caramel, crunchy bits, and more. Other options for satisfying a sweet tooth include hard candies, gummy candies and fine chocolates.

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