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Sonicare Brushes

Want cleaner and healthier teeth and gums? Try one of the products in the Sonicare line. A Sonicare toothbrush uses a patented technology that involves automated brush movement to significantly improve your oral health. The brush vibrates at such a high frequency and amplitude that it propels toothpaste between your teeth and up into the gum line. This innovative action gently cleans your mouth, and much more effectively than manual brushing. Clinical results speak to Sonicare's potency. By using a Sonicare toothbrush every day, you will undoubtedly have healthier gums and whiter teeth within 14 days. And for stubborn plaque, reach for the Sonicare AirFloss. After pressing the button to turn it on, place the tip between your teeth and use it to trace your gum line. The nozzle releases a combination of air and microdroplets to eradicate plaque from hard-to-reach crevices.

Choose the Sonicare Product That's Best for You

Sonicare offers a range of brush heads, which you can find right here at Walgreens. Brushing those hard to reach places poses to be a challenge, but Sonicare has designed an eSeries Angled Brush Head to reach back and around those teeth. If you have teeth and gums that are easily irritated, choose one of their sensitive brush heads. The sensitive bristles are soft and gentle, yet still deliver the results Sonicare is known for. Opt for the eSeries Sensitive line to help you to clean your back teeth more effectively. For children, Sonicare has developed brushes, both standard and compact, to fit in smaller mouths. There's a special rubber section to protect the teeth and gums of even the most enthusiastic brushers. To help you remember when to replace your brush, the PowerUp line contains bristles that will change color. Perhaps you prefer brush heads that are shaped to fit your teeth. If so, the ProResults brush head is for you. And for a top-of-the-line brush that gives you visibly whiter teeth after just a week of daily cleanings -- Try the DiamondClean line. Sonicare recommends that you replace your brush head four times a year because daily brushing can cause the bristles to bend and weaken. To make it easy to remember, change out your brush when the season changes.