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Sore throat syrup

For help feeling better faster when you have a sore throat, use a sore throat syrup in a flavor that you like. There are even homeopathic options for adults and kids for a natural remedy. To help relieve discomfort, other throat syrups from brands such as Triaminic and Similasan can contain cough suppressant and other medicines.

For relief and rest

Some sore throat syrups can support throat health to help prevent soreness and irritation throughout allergy, cold or flu season. You can use others to help you or your kids get a good night's sleep or to feel better throughout the day. Night time cough syrup can suppress cough and irritation that can keep you awake. Besides decongestants and suppressants, some cough syrups contain pain relievers.

Sprays and cough drops

You can also relieve pain and discomfort quickly with the help of lozenges. In addition to oral anesthetics that soothe discomfort, some cough drops contain cough suppressants, as well. There are also sore throat sprays that offer topical, fast relief for irritation, cough and discomfort.