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Stayfree Maxi Pads

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Stayfree maxi pads

If you're looking for comfortable period protection that can keep you feeling dry, try Stayfree maxi pads. To help meet your needs on the different days of your cycle, Stayfree has an entire range of absorbencies: moderate, regular, super, heavy and overnight. There are also different lengths to fit different body types. Choose your Stayfree maxi pads from the selection here at

Protection you can count on

Stayfree maxi pads work to keep you dry by promoting air circulation. The cottony top layer of Stayfree pads is soft while the core locks in moisture. Some Stayfree maxi pads include wings to secure them in place. Stayfree ultra thin maxi pads use a Thermo Control technology to draw moisture away from your skin for ongoing comfort. These thin maxi pads also have a leak protection ring to help prevent leakage on all sides. Stayfree ultra thin pads come in different absorbencies, long length pads and with or without wings.

Both Stayfree maxi pads and Stayfree ultra thin maxis come in overnight absorbency. This overnight protection includes Thermo Control, the soft cottony cover, and an anti-leak core. Additionally these pads have anti-leak channels to help block leaks front to back and side to side.

For your other feminine needs

In addition to feminine pads, has a broad selection of hygienic feminine protection products including pantiliners and tampons. You can find scented and unscented tampons and liners with varying levels of protection in different sizes. Other feminine care products include menstrual cramp relief remedies and PMS treatments to soothe and comfort. You'll also find yeast infection treatments and feminine fresh washes for other feminine care needs.

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