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Stick Concealer

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Stick concealer

With precise, accurate application, stick concealer can help correct or even out your skin tone for a naturally flawless look. Choose from different shades to find a just-right match for your skin. Some stick concealer is even gentle on sensitive skin, so you won't have to worry about irritating your blemishes and causing even more redness beneath your makeup. There are also concealers from brands such as Revlon, Physician's Formula and Black Radiance that include sunscreen to protect your skin.

Special formulas

Concealers come in various formulas and there are different methods of application. Besides stick concealer there is concealer liquid and concealer cream. Some concealers target different types of discoloration. Brighten dark circles with an under eye concealer. To reduce redness, there are blemish concealers. Other concealer types include tattoo concealer that comes in different tones. To help prevent irritation there are even oil-free concealers.

More makeup to choose from

Highlight your best features with additional makeup products. Start with a powder, mousse or liquid foundation that matches your tone. You can also try a loose powder or pressed powder. To accentuate your eyes, choose from a rainbow of eyeshadow colors, eyeliners and mascara. For your lips, browse glosses, lip stains, lipsticks and liners.

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