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Surgical wound care

If you're recovering from surgery and need to care for the incision site, shop for your surgical wound care here at Walgreens.com. We carry products that can help cover and protect your surgical site including wound dressings, hydrogel and surgical sponges. The type of wound you have will help you determine which surgical wound care supplies you need to help provide a healing environment. Follow your doctor's recommendation for wound care and the appropriate bandages and wound treatment. Wound care supplies are available from brands such as dynarex, Medline and AQUACEL.

Help healing

Make sure you get the appropriate wound dressing for effective treatment. Some wound dressings are highly absorbent for draining wounds and others are designed to promote a moist environment. Surgical sponges can be used for cleansing or as an additional layer of protection under another bandage. There are bandages with hydrogel in them if you need hydrated wound care or you can purchase hydrogel separately.

Patient care products

In addition to surgical wound care products we also carry a wide range of patient care products. You can find skin creams, no rinse cleansers and cleansing cloths for personal care and hygiene. There are also hospital gowns for patients and scrubs and lab coats for caregivers who want a medical professional look. There's also monitoring equipment, including blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes.