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Tennis Elbow Strap

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Tennis elbow strap

Relieve discomfort from tennis elbow and other elbow pain by using a tennis elbow strap. These elbow straps fit just below the joint and prevent the muscles in your forearm from strain and discomfort. Many tennis elbow straps are adjustable, so you can modify your fit to get the amount of compression you need. Here at, you'll find different colors and types of elbow bands from OTC Professional Orthopaedic, Champion and Steady Grip.

Reducing or preventing elbow pain

Besides elbow straps, there are larger elbow braces for compression and stability. Some elbow supports stabilize the arm overnight, while you can wear others at any time to help heal or prevent discomfort. There are even warming elbow braces that can improve circulation for better healing. Elbow braces come in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

Protecting your body

For other injuries or strains, we carry additional braces and supports, including wrist supports, posture supports and arm slings. For arthritis relief, there are also knee braces and knee warmers. Athletic tape and bandages can compress, stabilize and support wherever you need them.

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