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Tigi Hair Care

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TIGI hair care

The TIGI hair care brand provides you with a wide range of options for hair care. Whether you need a product to clean, condition or style your hair, TIGI just might have what you're looking for. carries a full line of hair care and beauty products to help you look your best.

TIGI Bed Head

The Bed Head line is one of the TIGI hair care lines you have to choose from. This particular line contains shampoos , conditioners and styling products. Choose from products that add moisture to your hair or products that maintain the color you have. Other products in this line are also available for curl definition, so you can enjoy your natural texture.

TIGI Catwalk

Catwalk is another line from the TIGI hair care brand. This line is designed for those who wish to keep up with the styles and trends on the runway. Choose from volume, curly and straight hair care products to obtain the look you wish to achieve. The Your Highness Collection is geared towards adding volume to your hair, while the Curlesque Curl Collection is designed for total curl control. The Sleek Mystique Straight Collection adds gloss to your hairstyle for a smooth finish.

TIGI S-Factor

TIGI's S-Factor line of the brand is designed to resist humidity and create lasting styles. The hair products in this line help to restore the luster to your hair, strengthen your hair and maintain the color you have for a vibrant look.

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