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Toilet seat risers

Improve your safety and comfort in the bathroom with toilet seat risers. If you have mobility challenges, raising your toilet seat can relieve some of the stress on your hips and knees. There are different styles and types of toilet seat risers depending on whether you just want the benefits of a raised toilet seat or also need a soft surface to protect sensitive areas. Choose a toilet seat riser from brands such as Essential Medical and Medline.

Functional and comfortable

There are two different styles of toilet seat risers. You can use a seat riser that attaches underneath your toilet seat, to elevate it. With this riser you can still use your own toilet seat. Padded toilet seat risers attach on top of your toilet seat for a cushioned raised seat. These toilet seat risers serve a dual purpose by elevating the seat and providing you a soft surface for comfort.

Improving bath safety

There are a number of items available to improve your bathroom safety. In addition to toilet seat risers there are elongated toilet seat risers, as well as toilet safety rails to help you raise and lower yourself. Grab bars can be installed on walls or in the shower or tub to help provide stability. There are also shower seats, bath benches and handheld shower heads to help you bathe more safely.