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Toothpaste for kids

Find the flavor and formula of toothpaste for kids that can help you teach your children good oral hygiene habits. You can choose from children's toothpaste that includes fluoride for cavity protection or other kids' toothpaste that is made with all-natural ingredients. Other toothpaste for kids from brands such as Colgate, Crest and Nature's Gate features favorite characters on the packaging that can help make brushing their teeth fun.

Your kids' oral health

Besides toothpaste for children, we carry additional options for oral care for children here at Walgreens.com. Choose a kids' toothbrush that is soft and gentle on their teeth, and be sure to replace them every three or four months. If you have younger kids, browse our teething and thumb sucking products that can help relieve pain and reduce thumb sucking.

Options for adults

Do your part to make trips to the dentist easier by using the right oral care products for the rest of your family. Stock up on your favorite toothpaste or try a new one that meets your needs. You can brush with a traditional toothbrush or choose from power toothbrushes and replacement toothbrush heads. For a whiter smile, browse various teeth whitening products and methods. Don't forget to floss, whether you use string floss, a water flosser or convenient flossers.