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Triple Blade Razors

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Triple-blade razors

You can get a smooth shave from triple-blade razors, available for both men and women. These disposable razors with three blades are designed to get a closer shave with less effort. Most triple blade razors have a lubricating strip to condition your skin right before the shave. Try a disposable three blade razor from Bic, Kramer or Noxzema.

A simple solution

Select a triple blade razor with a rubber grip handle to minimize the chance of the razor slipping out of your hand while you shave. You can also find ergonomically-designed handles to keep your hand comfortable while shaving. Most triple blade razors for women come in bright or pastel colors. There are even some women's disposable razors that have scented handles to improve the shaving experience.

Protect your skin

Before you shave, make sure you apply a shaving cream or gel to soften and prepare your skin for a closer shave. These pre-shave creams usually include conditioners to help minimize razor drag on your skin. Men have a choice of aftershave scents and formulas to help soothe their face and neck after shaving. Women can find a variety of lotions to help restore their skin.

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