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Trojan condoms are great for use for those who do not use other contraceptives. The latex condoms may come lubricated or in other styles, such as ultra thin for extra pleasure. Most of the available types of Trojan condoms are made out of latex.


Condoms come in a variety of styles. The Trojan Magnum line is great for those who may be larger in size, while the ribbed latex condoms help give women more pleasure during intercourse. Thinner styles can help sex feel more natural, while still providing the protection from pregnancy condoms provide. Condoms are normally made with latex, although some other forms do exist that are created from lamb skin for sensitive individuals. The packs of condoms range in the amount of condoms provided, from single packs to those with 36 or more in one box. Depending on your needs, there are variety packs with different types of condoms, and some with different flavors or colors.

Trojan contraceptives

Some condoms in the Trojan line include the Extended Pleasure Climax Control line, the ribbed condoms and the ultra-smooth lubricated condoms. The different types of condoms are used to promote different sexual experiences. The ribbed may allow more pleasure to be felt by the woman, whereas the Extended Pleasure line helps prolong sexual pleasure and prevent premature ejaculation. Any of the Trojan condoms can be used to help prevent pregnancy when they are used correctly during intercourse, and they are easy to use and dispose of once you are finished.

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