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Ultra thin maxi pads

For discreet and reliable protection throughout your period, choose ultra thin maxi pads. You can stay dry and fresh with these feminine pads in a variety of absorbencies, including regular, heavy and overnight. You can also choose between scented and unscented ultra thin maxi pads, as well as those with wings or without. Here at Walgreens.com, the selection of ultra thin maxi pads from Always, Kotex and Stayfree offers flexible coverage to help you worry less about leakage.

For your feminine protection needs

Choose from long and regular length pads to find the ultra thin maxi pads that offer you the best protection. Maxi pads with wings are available for a little extra security. Ultra thin overnight pads can help you sleep more comfortably, knowing you're protected and dry.

More options for feminine care

You'll find a broad selection of solutions for feminine needs here. To stay fresh and clean, you can choose feminine wipes that are individually wrapped for convenient use on the go. These feminine hygiene cloths are also flushable for easy and discreet disposal. Feminine freshness washes can be used at home and are available in different scents as well as formulas for sensitive skin.