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Washable Crayons

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Washable crayons

Allow your children to express their creativity with washable crayons. Cleaning up after your little one creates a masterpiece is a breeze, so you don't have to worry about accidents. Walgreens offers crayons from the trusted brand Crayola.

Washable markers and crayons

Even small children love to draw and color, and washable markers and crayons are ideal for young children. You can remove marks left on walls or furniture without scrubbing or repainting. Children can enjoy coloring in any room, and you will never have to fret about accidents. Any marks left by washable crayons or markers can be removed with a damp, soapy sponge in just minutes. If you find crayon marks on your child's clothing, simply wash it in warm or hot water to remove all traces of the marks. Washable crayons will not stain clothing like traditional crayons.

Kid-friendly crayons and markers

If your child likes to draw, you can also purchase dry-erase markers for use on a dry-erase board. Your little one can draw for hours on a dry-erase board, and the board simply wipes clean with a dry cloth after each use. For little ones who prefer to use markers for drawing or outlining a masterpiece, washable markers are an ideal choice. You won't have to worry about staining, and some of these markers are scented for additional fun. Washable markers are available in various sizes, and there are many colors available. Washable crayons are also available in sizes that are easy for little hands to grasp.

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