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Wheelchair Covers

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Wheelchair covers

Comfort is key when you are selecting a wheelchair. Over time, you might notice that your wheelchair becomes less comfortable, which is a problem you want to halt before it becomes worse. Upgrading your wheelchair cover can add some much-needed cushion to your wheelchair, making it more comfortable. Walgreens offers an array of wheelchair covers at reasonable prices, allowing you to find one that suits your needs and desired comfort level. Choose from a variety of foam pads that offer added cushion to your wheelchair seat. Along with the foam cushions, you will receive a cover that fits securely and comfortably over the cushion to complete your new wheelchair seat. Many of the wheelchair covers available at Walgreens come in a standard 18x16 size, featuring a 3-inch cushion.

Choosing the right wheelchair cover

Wheelchair covers provide support and comfort, instantly making your wheelchair more comfortable. These covers are durable as well-you will be pleased with how long they last. In addition, wheelchair covers are specially designed to maximize airflow, keeping your skin cool, dry, and comfortable. Other wheelchair covers are designed to equalize weight and pressure distribution to extend the cover's and cushion's longevity. Many of these covers are made of a poly-cotton blend, making it easy to slip off and wash, ensuring that your cover always stays clean. Most covers are also vapor permeable and flame retardant, making them safe for use. You can choose from a number of designs for your cover, from solid shades such as navy and black to a colorful plaid cover. Alternatively, choose a comfortable fleece cover that will be both plush and warm. Choosing the right wheelchair cover doesn't have to be complicated. Thanks to the many wheelchair covers available at Walgreens, you will find a variety of options available, including one that will surely fit your needs. Consider the size, style, and features of the wheelchair cover to find one that is best for your needs. Once you purchase one, you will enjoy the added comfort and durability of a new wheelchair cover and cushion, which can result in long-lasting enjoyment. Find the right wheelchair cover for you today.

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