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Womens Vitamins

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Women's vitamins

Women have different dietary needs than men, and women's vitamins help women get the nutrition they need to stay healthy during different phases of their lives. Women's vitamins in different formulas from a selection of reliable manufacturers are available for shipment right to you.

Vitamin supplements for women

Women's vitamins include formulas that contain nutrients recommended for women in general, as well as menopause vitamins and vitamin supplements for women who are 50 years or age or older. Vitamins for women are available in standard tablet and capsule forms as well as in easy-to-take softgels for women who have trouble swallowing regular pills. Multivitamins with minerals are available just for women, as are natural supplements that include nutrients derived from natural sources such as herbs and other plants. Petite women can even find a vitamin supplement that is made according to particular nutritional recommendations.

Choosing women's vitamins

Your doctor or a trained nutrition specialist such as a dietitian is the best source for guidance regarding your specific needs for vitamin supplements. Many women take a daily multivitamin supplement to provide added nutrition even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, and women's vitamins include daily multivitamins as well as vitamin and mineral supplements. Women who want to make sure they enjoy the benefits of proper nutrition as they age can choose from a selection of vitamins made specifically for older women. Women who enjoy physical activity or have a particularly active lifestyle can also find specific women's vitamins geared toward their needs.

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