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When you want to appeal to others and stand out in a crowded room, Zegna can help. This cologne for men uses a mixture of deep, musky scents that come through with each spray. Walgreens offers fragrances from many well-known brands like Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein.

Choosing the right eau de toilette

Since Zegna comes in more than one scent, you might find choosing the right eau de toilette a difficult task. Eau de toilette sprays have a lighter scent than ordinary colognes, and the spray top makes it easy to apply fragrance exactly where you need it. The Zegna Colonia fragrance uses notes of musk, cardamom, cedar and other ingredients that give the fragrance a deep scent. If that cologne is not strong enough, choose the Zegna Intenso. This fragrance uses some of the same ingredients found in the Colonia version, but Intenso has a deeper and richer scent.

Making your scent last

If you find that your scent disappears throughout the day, you might need to change the way you apply it. When you use the male fragrance on your pulse points, you can make the fragrance last longer. As your body sweats during the day, the sweat releases a small amount of fragrance into the air. You can also make your scent last longer with a matching body wash or bar soap. Look for a soap or body wash that has a similar fragrance to your Zegna cologne. You can also find soaps that use similar ingredients, which creates a layered effect on your skin. The scents complement each other, which makes the scent more intense.

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