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Constipation Relief

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Know More about Constipation Relief

Many people may experience occasional constipation, which is usually described as fewer than three bowel movements each week. However, some people will experience more chronic constipation, which may require treatment or an appointment with a healthcare provider. Constipation can occur due to a number of different causes. Fortunately, certain medicines can help relieve symptoms for many people. There are a few different kinds of laxatives and most are available over-the-counter (OTC). Constipation relief products come in different form including pills, tablets, and suppositories. All of these varieties are available for purchase in stores and online at Walgreens.

What causes constipation?

There are many possible causes of constipation. Some causes of chronic constipation include blockages in the colon or rectum, problems with the nerves around the colon and rectum and issues with the pelvic muscles involved in bowel movements. Certain conditions that affect hormones can also cause constipation, such as diabetes, pregnancy, and an underactive thyroid. Some factors can increase a person’s risk of becoming constipated, including dehydration, low physical activity, a diet low in fiber, and certain medications and mental health conditions such as depression and eating disorders. Women and older adults are more likely to experience constipation.

What helps with constipation?

Certain lifestyle modifications and some medicines can help with constipation. Increasing fiber intake with foods like fruits and vegetables can help pass stool faster through the intestines. Getting regular exercise most days of the week can help strengthen the muscles around the intestines to help with bowel movements. It’s also important to use the bathroom when you feel the need to and avoid delaying or rushing a bowel movement.

If lifestyle modifications aren’t helping with constipation, your healthcare provider may recommend using a laxative for a short period of time. This may include stimulant laxatives, which work by contracting the intestines and causing a bowel movement. Stimulant laxatives should be used according to the advice of your healthcare provider and the instructions on the label. They should not be used for extended periods of time.

Another option for constipation relief are suppositories, which are inserted into the rectum and provide lubrication and stimulation to cause a bowel movement faster than laxatives that are taken orally.

What helps constipation fast?

Most oral laxatives can help cause a bowel movement within a few hours to a day or two. Suppositories can work much faster, and they may cause a bowel movement in as little as a few minutes. Laxatives work in different ways and some forms may work better for you than others. Walgreens offers a wide variety of laxatives that can work at different speeds. Speak with your healthcare provider or a pharmacist at Walgreens if you have questions about the best medicine to relieve your constipation.

When is constipation an emergency?

Constipation is not usually an emergency but it’s wise to consult your healthcare provider if you’re experiencing long-term and unexplained changes in bowel movements. If you haven’t had a bowel movement for a prolonged period of time and you’re feeling extreme pain in your abdomen while experiencing major bloating, speak with your healthcare provider right away. If you are vomiting or notice blood in your stool along with other severe symptoms, go to the emergency room.

It’s normal to experience mild constipation every once in a while. Lifestyle modifications and medicines such as laxatives can help ease symptoms and provide relief. If you want to learn about the best products to help relieve constipation, visit a Walgreens store or check out the selection of laxatives online at Walgreens. A pharmacist can help you in stores. You can also speak with a pharmacy expert online 24/7 with Walgreens pharmacy chat.