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Cotton Balls & Swabs

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Cotton Balls & Swabs at Walgreens

Cotton products are an essential part of many people's personal care and grooming routines, as they can be used for a wide range of tasks. Walgreens can help you stock up on everything you need for personal care by shopping online or in a nearest store location. We carry a diverse assortment of cotton balls and swabs, giving you the ability to purchase the exact type of product that you need in the quantity that is right for you. Explore the selection now to discover all of the cotton swabs and cotton balls currently available.

Swabs for Grooming and More

Cotton swabs are small sticks that feature a cotton tip. Most swabs are dual ended, meaning they have two cotton heads. People use cotton swabs for a number of daily grooming tasks. Due to their small size, cotton swabs are ideal for cleaning around the outsides of the ears, the corners of the eyes and around the nose and mouth. You may also use swabs to precisely apply creams, lotions, ointments and other topical products for medicinal or beauty purposes. Swabs are also frequently used to apply and touch up cosmetics.

Selecting Swabs

As you shop for cotton swabs, you'll want to compare both the tips and the sticks of the products available. Conventional cotton swabs have rounded tips. Pointed swabs have a tapered head that can allow for greater precision when completing different grooming, beauty and personal care tasks. Most swabs have flexible plastic sticks that are wrapped in plastic. If you need something stiffer, you can look for swabs with wooden sticks. Swabs are sold in a variety of large-quantity packages and in smaller, travel size containers.

Cotton Balls for Every Need

Cotton balls are small tufts of cotton material. Like cotton swabs, cotton balls can have a number of functions. Some people use cotton balls with makeup remover and facial cleanser to wash their face. In addition, cotton balls can make it easier to apply ointments, creams and lotions and can also be used to apply antiseptics and antibiotics for wound care. Cotton balls may come in handy when applying liquid and cream cosmetics and for removing nail polish as well.

Choosing Cotton Balls

One of the first things to consider when shopping for cotton balls is shape. Conventional cotton balls are spherical, but there are also flat, disc-like cotton rounds available. Some brands also offer cotton balls in a number of different sizes. You can choose smaller cotton balls for jobs that require precision and bigger ones for tasks like cleansing your complexion and applying liquid foundation. Cotton balls are sold in a number of quantities and may be packaged in clear plastic bags, plastic boxes or cardboard boxes. If you have a favorite brand of swab or cotton ball, you can use the menu to filter the products and see what the manufacturer currently has available.