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Ear Wax Removal at Walgreens

One of the body's natural defenses, ear wax protects the ear canal against harm. It can trap dirt, small insects, and other particulates, preventing them from invading the ear canal. It can help to slow the growth of bacteria within the ear. Sometimes, ear wax builds up inside of the ear instead of draining away naturally. When this happens, you can use an at-home remedy to help remove the wax.

Ear Wax Removal Strategies

Several different techniques for removing ear wax are available in the Walgreens Ear, Nose & Throat Care department, giving you the opportunity to select an option that you are comfortable using on this delicate area. While it isn't clearly understood why some people are more prone to having ear wax build up in one or both ears, a variety of strategies have been found helpful in removing ear wax. They include softening the wax, flushing (irrigating) the ear, and drawing the wax out of the ear.

Ear Wax Removal Using Irrigation

Rinsing the ear using warm water and a specialized syringe is often an effective health care remedy. The warm water helps to soften and remove the wax, while also providing greater comfort than either cold or hot water. Walgreens sells a number of different syringes, including those that feature steady streaming and tri-directional flow. Prior to rinsing the ear canal with water, it is recommended that you first apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, mineral oil, or ear wax drops to help soften the wax. You should do so at least one or two days prior to actually rinsing your ear.

Wax Removal Tools

Walgreens sells a number of removal tools styled to fit into the narrow opening of the ear. They must be used with caution since the ear drum is in danger of becoming punctured otherwise. You should never reach into the ear canal with any of these tools. They are designed merely for the opening of the ear, and some styles feature ear guards that prevent the tips from entering too far into the ear. When the buildup of wax is a recurring problem for someone, a physician should be consulted for a more thorough cleansing of the ear. Wax vacuums are designed to draw loose wax and moisture out of the ear, providing an alternative to other methods.

Removal Systems and Kits

A number of wax removal kits are sold by Walgreens. Most of them provide everything that you need to help eliminate buildup, including the irrigating bulb and specialized drops that are blended for the purposes of softening the wax. Most of the removal systems come with bulbs, but you can also purchase them separately if need be.

Should You Consider Ear Wax Removal through Ear Candling?

Paraffin candles and beeswax candles are sold for the purpose of ear candling, a procedure that requires caution and a steady hand. It should only be performed by someone who has been trained in this procedure since it can cause some damage when performed ineffectively. They are often scented to induce relaxation, which is helpful for ear wax removal.