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Ear Wax Removal

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Ear Wax Removal Products at Walgreens

Ear wax plays an important role in ear health, but when it becomes built up in the ear canal, it can also pose problems. If excessive ear wax is causing you discomfort or interfering with your daily routine, Walgreens can help you address the problem. You can discuss the best method for ear wax removal for your specific needs with your doctor and then find the recommended products here at Walgreens. We carry a large selection of ear wax removal products in our online store and at your neighborhood Walgreens store locations.

Ear Wax Buildup Explained

Ear wax is naturally produced by the body and offers a host of benefits. Normally, wax slowly moves out of the ears. Unfortunately, it is possible for wax to build up inside the ear canal, leading to feelings of fullness and pressure and interfering with hearing. The good news is that there are products available to help you rid your ears of wax.

Manual Tools for Removing Wax

One way to remove excessive ear wax is by using manual tools that are designed specifically for safe ear wax removal. Options include small flexible brushes that gently lift away wax and syringes that create suction to draw wax out of the ear canal.

Ear Cleansing Solutions

Another way to manage ear wax buildup is by using a liquid ear wax removal product. There are ear drops that you dispense directly into the ear canal to address excessive wax. There are two types of liquid ear wax removers: water based and oil based. Water-based products produce fizz and dissolve ear wax with a foaming agent like sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide or acetic acid. Oil-based ear wax removers lubricate the wax, softening the blockage. Some drops come in a kit that includes a bulb. After the drops have been left in place for a period of time, you can fill the bulb with water and then rinse the ears to remove the wax and product.