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Enhancement Lubricants at Walgreens

Personal lubricants help to make sexual intercourse more comfortable for both partners. You may use a lube to help with symptoms of vaginal dryness, to make experimenting with toys more pleasurable or to improve the safety of anal intercourse and play. While lubes have a practical role in the bedroom, some products are also meant to make intimate moments more exciting. These enhancement lubricants come in many different varieties, and you'll find a wide selection for your needs at Walgreens.

Scented and Flavored Lubricants

Some enhancement lubricant products are designed to address common problems related to different types of intercourse. Many people worry about unpleasant odors in their private areas during intimate moments. Fragranced lubricants can help to alleviate these worries by adding a pleasing, sensual scent to the experience. You can even find scented formulas made with the principles of aromatherapy. These products feature fragrances that some scientists and natural practitioners believe can heighten arousal. Oral intercourse can also be problematic for many couples. Experts recommend using latex condoms during oral sex to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), but most condoms have an unpleasant taste. Using a flavored lubricant can mask the taste of latex, so that the giving partner can enjoy the experience more.

Stimulating Lubricant Formulas

Many of the enhancement lubricants on the market are labeled as "for her" formulas. These products are also sometimes referred to as stimulating lubes. A stimulating lubricant contains ingredients that add new experiences to lovemaking. Some create a pleasant tingling feeling in the vulva, the vagina and the clitoris. Others become warm to the touch after application. The new sensations can help to stimulate the flow of blood to a woman's intimate area. For some women, this adds to arousal and makes orgasms more intense.

Sensation Reduction Formulas

Premature ejaculation (reaching an orgasm too quickly) can be an embarrassing problem for many men. Desensitizing or sensation reduction lubricants are enhancement products designed to help address premature ejaculation. These products use a very mild topical anesthetic to partially numb the penis. Men using a desensitizing lubricant can still feel pleasure during sex and will likely eventually reach a climax; however, the anesthetic helps to slow down the process, so that intercourse can last for longer. Some men may be allergic to the anesthetic found in desensitizing lubricants. Talk to your doctor before using this type of lube if you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to anesthetics like Novocain in the past.

Spermicidal Lubricants

Personal lubricants can play a role in family planning. Some products contain spermicide, which kills some sperm before it can reach an unfertilized egg. Spermicide lubricants are not effective enough to be used as a sole means of birth control, but some couples like to use them as a back-up form of birth control along with latex condoms.

Fertility Friendly Lubricants

You can also find special lubricant products that are pH balanced to help prevent the death of sperm. These products are sometimes called "fertility friendly" and are intended for use by couples trying to conceive.

Keep in mind that only silicone and water-based lubricants should be used with latex condoms. Never use an oil-based enhancement lube if you are using latex condoms to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STDs.