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Massage and Relaxation Products

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Massage and Relaxation Products at Walgreens

Medical science has established many benefits of massage therapy. Walgreens offers a wide assortment of Massage and Relaxtion Products to help you achieve a spa-level experience in the comfort of your home. Our massage oils, tools, and other supplies - including massage tables and massage chairs - help you create the ultimate soothing experience.

How Does Massage Work?

Massage therapists can utilize many different types of massage therapy techniques for clients, but all types of massage have something basic in common. During a massage, some part of the body is stroked, kneaded, rubbed or otherwise manipulated with the hands or a tool. A massage may focus on just one part of the body like the feet, face or back, or it may involve the entire body.

The Many Benefits of Massage

While scientists are still studying many of the benefits of massage, there is evidence to suggest that massage therapy can help the body in numerous ways. When the tissues of the body are manipulated during a massage, circulation increases to the affected area. This can help alleviate feelings of tension, pain and tenderness in parts of the body that are sore or injured. Massages help promote feelings of relaxation, lessening the effects of stress that a person experiences during the day. Some studies show that massage also may improve digestion of food, reduce blood pressure levels and ease symptoms of depression, but more research is needed into these potential benefits.

Tools for Self-Massage

Many parts of the body can benefit from massage, and if you want to treat yourself to pampering at home, we offer tools and devices made for many different areas. Massage tools come in two main types. Manual tools are manipulated by the hands and are rolled or pressed against the skin. Electric and battery-operated massage tools produce vibrations on their own. Some also produce heat. Head and face massagers relieve tension in the face and the scalp, while foot massagers can alleviate feelings of tiredness and soreness due to standing, walking or wearing uncomfortable footwear. Some foot massagers are also water therapy devices that allow you to soak your feet while experiencing a foot massage. Back and body massagers include wands, rollers and cushions that you can place on a chair. You can even purchase chairs that have a built-in massage function.

Other Massage Products

A professional massage therapist uses a variety of equipment while treating patients. One of the most important of these is the massage table, a flat, raised surface that is strong enough to support an adult's body. They may also use stools to sit on during treatment, pillows to keep clients comfortable, warmers to heat up the table and enhance the experience and other devices and tools. Massage oils, lotions and creams can make an at-home or a professional massage more luxurious and make it easier to rub and stroke the muscles.

Browse hundreds of Massage and Relaxtion Products offered by top brands like Conair, Dr. Scholl's and SheaMoisture. Home massage tools are generally safe for most people, but if you have a medical concern, you should talk to your doctor before using any type of massage tool or undergoing massage therapy treatments.