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Scrub Tops at Walgreens

As a health care worker, you need to stay comfortable, be ready to move quickly to lift patients and respond to medical emergencies and to protect to yourself while on the job. Having the right medical scrubs is important to helping you perform at your best when caring for patients. Whether you're purchasing your first uniform or are looking to replace pieces or expand your work wardrobe, Walgreens has the right scrub tops for you at an affordable price.

Scrub Top Options

Because of the many benefits that they provide, scrubs are worn in all types of health care settings. The loose, comfortable fit of scrubs allows health care workers to work long hours and perform often challenging physical tasks with greater ease. The fabric from which scrub tops are made helps to protect health care workers from bodily fluids and other hazards, and many scrub tops are designed to provide storage pockets for essential tools and supplies. Wearing scrub tops also helps health care workers look professional and build patient confidence, which is important for providing quality care.

Scrub tops come in many different styles with something for nearly every health care setting and for the need of every health care professional. Before you begin comparing scrub tops in order to choose the right ones to add to your professional wardrobe, you should first consult the dress code at the facility or office where you work. Many health care facilities and private practices prefer that staff members be dressed similarly. Some facilities also use the color of scrubs to make it easy to tell in what departments employees work or what their positions are. Be sure to follow your employer's dress code to ensure compliance with these types of policies.

Scrub tops are available with V-neck lines and scoop necklines. V-necks are more common and are slightly cooler than short sleeve tops. Another difference between scrub top styles is the number and position of the pockets. Some scrub tops have one pocket at the chest, while others have two pockets at the sides. Size is another important thing to consider when selecting your scrub tops. Some scrub tops are more fitted through the waist and intended for women, while others have a looser fit and can be worn by both genders.

A full scrub uniform typically consists of more than just a scrub top. Your employer will likely require you to wear some type of scrub pants or shorts on the bottom. Often, scrub uniforms are white, grey or a solid color, but they can also consist of a printed top and solid colored pants in a matching shade. Depending on the dress code and your personal needs, you may opt to wear a scrub jacket or vest over your scrub top. These uniform jackets provide extra pockets and add an extra layer to keep you warm in cold environments. You may also need to wear a lab coat over your scrub top to enhance your professional appearance. You can find all of the workwear pieces that you need to complete your uniform at Walgreens.

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