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Skin Care Tools at Walgreens

Keep your skin looking healthy with Walgreens Skin Care Tools. Walgreens offers a variety of skin care tools including exfoliating devices, buffing products, and at-home steam machines to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. From bath sponges and cloths to skin care systems and body polishers, you can find the right tools to take your skin care routine to the next level.

Skin Polishers for Flawless Results

Recently, the skin care industry has seen an influx of innovative exfoliating devices. Check out the top sellers right here at Walgreens. Whether you choose a brush head or a smooth edge with micro-grooves, these exfoliating devices offer many benefits. They remove dulling and flaking skin cells to reveal brighter and firmer skin. Exfoliating your face may help to resurface your complexion and to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliation also eliminates the surface impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil that can cause acne. These skin care tools can be used to release ingrown hairs so you will have a smoother shave or a more effective waxing session. And before applying a self-tanning product, use one of these exfoliating tools to prep your skin so you'll have an even, natural-looking tan.

Buff Away Impurities and Rough Skin

Walgreens stocks an assortment of buffing products that can be used on the face and body. Organic cotton pads are soft and super-absorbent. Use them to apply a toner which works to remove makeup, minimize shine, and condition the skin. Facial sponges have some texture to them, so you can exfoliate while you cleanse. They are gentle enough to use every day, and prep your skin for moisturizers and other skin-enhancing formulas. Colorful bath sponges are a fun addition to your shower or tub, and they can buff your body smooth, too. A pumice stone helps to remove callused skin on the hands and feet. First, soak your skin in warm water to loosen the calluses. Then wet the stone and gently rub the target area in a circular motion until skin is velvety-soft. Pumice stones may also be used to remove grease and paint from your skin.

Steam Your Way to Younger-Looking Skin

Skin care professionals use warm steam to relax you and prepare your skin for a facial. At Walgreens, you'll find a range of steam machines so you can enjoy this same spa experience at home. There are facial treatment appliances that deliver a soothing warm mist across your face which helps moisturize and soften your skin. These devices have an additional benefit when you have a cold. The misting action may clear nasal passages and alleviate sinus pressure. Sometimes these steam machines are sold with facial tools. That way, after you steam, you can use the facial tools to exfoliate and apply skin care products. Other steam machines allow you to change the temperature of the dispersed water. First, use the warm steam setting to open up your pores and remove debris. After a thorough cleansing, use the cool mist setting to tighten your pores. And some machines emit steam as nano-sized particles, allowing the water to penetrate your skin more effectively. No matter what machine you choose, a regular facial steam therapy may lead to better looking skin.