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Personal Care Aids at Walgreens

Being able to perform daily living tasks on your own is important for remaining independent and feeling at your best. Personal care aids can help you to retain your independence by helping you to perform daily living tasks with greater ease. Many of these products are also helpful for caregivers who assist others with daily living tasks at home or in personal care settings. Walgreens has a large selection of personal care solutions to meet your needs.

Selecting the Right Personal Care Aids

Regular bathing and washing can be challenging for people with limited mobility. However, there are a number of solutions available to assist you with personal hygiene tasks. Special handled bath sponges and lotion applicators can make it simpler for you to clean your body without having to bend and risk losing your balance. If you're responsible for bathing a loved one or a patient, you can find many aids to help with the process. Special basins, caps and accessories are available for shampooing and conditioning hair as well as washing the entire body.

Bending down to pull on socks, hosiery, pants and shoes can be difficult for many people who have problems with flexibility, balance or strength. You can purchase dressing aids to help you with these tasks. There are special sock and hosiery aids available that allow you to pull on your hosiery without bending down. Long-handled shoehorns are similar to sock aids but are used for slipping your feet into your shoes.

If toileting is presenting challenges for you or a person for whom you care, you can find personal care aids to help. There are a variety of products designed to help keep the private area clean after an accident or using a commode or a traditional toilet. These products include sprays and wipes. Bedpans and urinals can be kept by the bed for emergencies. There are also cleaning products available to help keep these personal care aids and freestanding commodes sanitary.

Arthritis and other conditions that can cause pain and stiffness in the hands can complicate mealtime. There are solutions available to help make meals simpler to prepare and more enjoyable. Easy-to-grip cups can allow you to enjoy your favorite beverages without assistance. If opening jars and bottles is hard for you, assistance aids can be used to protect your hands and improve the strength of your grip.

Even when you use the best mobility aids and personal care aids to help ensure your comfort and safety, medical emergencies and accidents can occur. In these instances, getting help quickly is of the utmost importance. If you live on your own, you can purchase medical alert devices that are monitored by a team of professionals that can send help if you suffer a fall or experience signs of a medical emergency. Caregivers can also purchase alarms and alerts that their loved ones or patients can use to call them when they need assistance quickly.

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