Fertility Order Review


Fertility Order Review

Our Fertility Order Review (FOR) program is designed to help minimize the anxiety you may face when preparing to self-administer fertility medications. This service gives you direct access, at no additional cost, to a nurse with more than a decade of fertility pharmacy experience. Our fertility professional can provide you with compassionate support and the level of care tailored to your specific needs.

How FOR works

The day your first medication order arrives, a fertility professional will call you to offer a personal phone consultation to:

  • Help you review the contents of your fertility medication order
  • Help you understand the purpose of each item and how the medication is to be correctly stored
  • Help you access our patient infertility guides online for step-by-step administration instructions, fertility education and medication information
  • Help you recognize medication expiration dates and to establish reorder reminders to maintain adequate supply of medication
  • Help you with any medication questions you may have

Video Connected Care® Program (VCCP)

As a part of the FOR program, AllianceRx Walgreens Prime offers an additional appointment utilizing web-based video conferencing technology. This allows you to communicate with a fertility professional face-to-face in your own private setting (e.g. home, office). These face-to-face video appointments provide you with additional educational resources and support.

For more information please, email us at arxforces@alliancerxwp.com