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Adjustable Shower Chair

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Adjustable shower chair

For the stability and comfort you need in the shower, try an adjustable shower chair. You can find shower chairs that feature different modifiable parts, including those with adjustable seat backs and adjustable legs. Look for the adjustable shower chair from Drive Medical, Nova or Essential Medical that you can use at a height and size that is comfortable and safe for you.

Finding the chair for you

When choosing an adjustable shower chair, you can consider different types of seats and styles. Shower stools with round seats are ideal for smaller showers. Other shower seats offer more width for stability in a tub or larger shower. For added support, try an adjustable shower chair with a seat back that you can position to where it's most comfortable for you. No matter what kind of shower chair you select, make sure you choose one that can be positioned at a seat height that is safe for you.

Safety, comfort and hygiene

In addition to adjustable shower chairs, you can find a wide selection of bathroom safety products here at To make it simple to bathe while seated in a bath chair, you can use a handheld shower head. For standing in the shower, add a little stability with a non-slip bath mat. Bathtub grab bars can assist you in getting in and out of the shower, and you can find grab bars that are wall-mountable and tub-mountable.

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