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Almay eyeliner

Define your eyes with bold or subtle shades of Almay eyeliner. You can choose between liquid eyeliner from Almay that includes liquids and liquid pens that are easy to apply for lasting color. Some types of Almay eyeliner come in shades that can brighten and bring out the color of your eyes.

Lining your eyes

Stock up on different forms of Almay eyeliner that you can wear for different occasions. Use a bold, dark Almay liquid eyeliner for nights out. Eyeliner pencils can be ideal for everyday use. Choose a shade that goes with your eye color, or use one that blends nicely with your favorite eyeshadow or mascara.

Your best features, intensified

In addition to Almay eyeliner, we carry a variety of cosmetics from this popular beauty brand. Start with an Almay concealer to cover up dark circles, blemishes and redness. Then, you can use a foundation from the same brand for an almost flawless color match. You can choose from different colors of blush, eye shadow trios and lip gloss to highlight your best features. Finish your makeup routine each day by using makeup remover to gently wash your cosmetics away.