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Amplified Cordless Phones

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Amplified corded phones

The variety of features of amplified corded phones can help make using your telephone easier. In addition to louder earpieces, some of these amplified phones can even help you focus on what you're trying to hear by reducing background noise. Others can help make dialing simpler with their large buttons and displays. With amplified corded phones from ClearSounds here at, you don't have to strain your eyes or ears.

Simple and clear

Besides helping to make your calls clearer and louder, amplified corded phones can have other helpful features as well. Some ?announce? the numbers as you dial so you can be sure you reach the right number. There are also amplified phones with caller ID that can display as well as announce the caller, and amplified cordless phones. Phone ring amplifiers can attach to the phone you already have to increase the volume of your ringer. Some can even light up to let you know when a call is incoming.

To help you hear

You have other hearing assistance options that include assistive listening devices such as a personal sound amplifier that looks like a cell phone earpiece and can be worn any time. We also carry hearing aid batteries and hearing aid accessories to help you maintain the working condition of your hearing aid. Other telephone accessories can even be used with mobile phones.

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