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Armani Perfumes

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Armani perfumes

Find both men's and women's Armani perfumes for yourself or a loved one here at Men's fragrances and women's fragrances come in a variety of choices to help you find a day and evening scent that suits you. Certain Armani perfumes have both a men's and women's version. You can also find Armani cologne in different sizes appropriate for home use and for travel. Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani are some of the different Armani perfumes scents you can try.

Scents for women

Armani women's colognes include scents that are spicy, sweet or a blend of both. When you're choosing a women's cologne, you can find one for both day and evening occasions. You can also choose to get the women's version of your spouse's Armani perfume so that your scents complement one another.

Strong scents

Armani perfumes for men come in a range of scents from light to heavy. You can view the fragrance notes to determine which men's cologne appeals the most to you. You can also look at certain Armani colognes for men that indicate the type of mood the fragrance should inspire.

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