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Bedside Commodes

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Bedside commodes

The convenient drop-arm feature of bedside commodes makes it simple to transfer yourself, a patient or loved one from the bed to the seat and back. These home commodes come in different sizes and weight capacities to meet a variety of needs. Choose from bedside commodes made by Drive Medical, Medline and Moen here at

Choosing a design

If you need a bariatric commode, but also want the handy design of a bedside commode, you can find what you need here. Some heavy duty bedside commodes can support up to 1000 pounds, so their sturdiness shouldn't be a concern. Need a folding commode] for easy storage or transport? These come in bedside varieties as well. You can also find [bedside commodes] that adjust to a range of heights to suit you.

Staying safe

Our home medical department contains many products that can make life simpler if you have mobility challenges. Our bathroom safety products include grab bars and bath safety rails to make getting around on slippery floors or in and out of the shower or tub easier. If you feel more steady sitting you can use a bath chair or shower bench that is designed not to slip. If bathing in the shower or tub isn't an option, we have no rinse soaps and cleansing cloths to stay clean and fresh.

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