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Condoms come in many different styles and sizes because manufacturers understand that men want something different during sexual acts. You can find condoms designed to increase pleasure, lubricated condoms and condoms for women. There are condoms from multiple manufacturers available at including Trojan and Durex.

Choosing the right birth control

If you want to increase the pleasure that you and your partner feel, choose ultra thin condoms. These condoms are much thinner than other types, which increases the sensation that you feel. The ribbed condoms are better for those who want their partner to experience more pleasure because the condoms have a raised design. You can even find condoms designed to reduce pleasure, which can help you last longer during the sexual act. Some condoms also come in different sizes such as the Magnum brand. These condoms have a larger size for men who are too wide for average condoms.

Female birth control

Condoms can help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and these small devices help prevent unplanned pregnancy when used properly. If you want to increase the effectiveness of the condom, try using it with another form of birth control. The female condom is similar to a male condom, but the female condom has a larger size to fit a woman's body. Your partner might prefer vaginal contraceptive films, sponges or a contraceptive gel. Many of these products work with a condom, which increases the protective nature of the birth control.

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