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Deodorant spray for men

Deodorant spray and body spray help revent underarm odor and give you a cool, refreshed feeling. We have a big selection of underarm and body deodorant spray for men, including powerful antiperspirant spray and designer fragrance deodorant. Walgreens.com carries the leading brands of antiperspirants and deodorants.

Types of men's deodorant spray

You'll find a variety of types of deodorant spray for men, including underarm deodorant and body spray. Many men prefer antiperspirant spray to stop underarm wetness and odor, but some prefer men's deodorant spray that fights odor without the aid of antiperspirants. Body sprays for men are generally less intense than cologne for men, but they refresh the skin and can last for hours. We offer top men's designer fragrance lines and more affordable body sprays for men.