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Emery File

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Emery file

To keep your nails in the shape and the length you prefer, try using an emery file. To effectively shape your nails, many of these nail files are made of flexible cardboard that's coated with emery. Browse our assortment of different sizes and shapes of emery files from brands such as Kiss, Sally Hansen and Revlon to find your favorites.

Buffing and trimming

To first get your nails to your ideal length, trim them with a nail clipper. Then, it should only take a few strokes with your emery file to shape them. You can finish your home manicure with a nail buffer that smooths the nail and adds shine. For both filing and buffing, there are convenient nail buffers that have four sides coated in different textures.

Styling your manicure

Browse our broad assortment of nail care items here at to help you create the style you want. There are various kinds of nail base coats that can prime your nails for a polish in addition to conditioning or strengthening them. To help your nail colors last, cover your color with a nail top coat that can prevent fading and chipping.

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