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Four Blade Razors

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Four-blade razors

Four-blade razors give you the closest and most comfortable shave possible while keeping your skin safe from cuts and razor burn. We have a full selection of four-blade razors, including the latest models for men and women, ready to ship right to your doorstep.

Using a multiple-blade razor

Four-blade razors include both razors for men and women's razors. They consist of sturdy, slip-resistant handles and safe four-blade razor cartridges that you remove and replace whenever you feel you need a sharper shave, or whenever the indicator strip on some models shows that the blade cartridge needs replacement. Most four-blade cartridges also include lubricating strips for ease of use and additional comfort. You use a four-blade razor just as you would use any other manual razor, and we have a large assortment of your favorite shaving creams and gels that are perfect to use with your new four-blade razors.

Selecting four-blade razors

Most models of four-blade men's razors and women's razors are fully manual, but we also have multiple-blade razors with additional battery power for additional speed and comfort while shaving. When traveling, take disposable four-blade razors with you. They have the same heads as your favorite regular razors, but you can just dispose of the entire razors, handle and all, as soon as you have finished shaving with them. We have a full selection of battery-powered razors with multiple-blade cartridges, as well as disposable four-blade razors, for men and women. We also offer replacement blade cartridges for all brands of four-blade razors, so you can order additional cartridges along with your razors.

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