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French Manicure Pens

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French manicure pens

Create the classic look of a French manicure at home by using French manicure pens. Easy to hold and control, these nail polish pens come by themselves or in sets of neutral tones that complement each other. You can choose French manicure pens in shades that create a very natural-looking manicure or go with a brighter pink and white for an eye-catching style.

Nail colors and more

Many French manicure pens contain white nail polish. To find the neutral or pink color that will finish your manicured look, browse our wide variety of nail polish colors. You can choose different nail colors for various occasions, outfits or moods. If you use a French manicure pen to paint your toenails, but also use white nail polish on your fingernails, you can find nail stickers and guides to help you create a professional-looking French manicure.

To trim, shape and buff

A French manicure looks best on well cared-for nails. In addition to nail colors and options for this particular look, you can find a range of nail care products here at Trim your nails regularly with nail clippers. Once your nails are at a length you prefer, shape them with a nail file or emery board. We also carry nail buffers to help add a little extra sheen to your nails.

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