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Fresh Scent Maxi Pads With Wings

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Fresh scent maxi pads with wings

Get the kind of protection you need for peace of mind during your period with fresh scent maxi pads with wings. With extra side coverage, these maxi pads offer dependable protection. Find ample defense against leaks for the different days of your period by choosing from various lengths, thicknesses and absorbencies of fresh scent maxi pads with wings. Here at, you'll find popular brands such as Always to help you stay comfortable and dry.

Protection to help you focus on the task at hand

For your varying needs, you can find overnight, super and regular fresh scent maxi pads. Many of these fresh scent pads can adjust to changes in flow to keep moisture away from your skin. Some are ultra thin for discretion and comfort, and others are regular. You can also find long varieties in absorption levels ranging from moderate to super. Overnight maxi pads with wings include extra side protection that can guard against leaks for hours.

Feminine care

If you need other options for your feminine care needs, browse our selection of additional maxi pads, tampons and pantiliners. Electric heating pads and PMS relief are here to help with cramps and other symptoms. Stay fresh at any time with feminine cleansing cloths and feminine hygiene washes. For feminine health, there are yeast infection cures and other treatments.

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