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Maxi pads heavy

For protection you can trust even on your heaviest days, choose maxi pads, heavy protection. Designed to absorb and trap moisture, these maxi pads can help keep you dry and worry-free for hours. You can choose between maxi pads with wings and those without, or unscented and scented maxi pads. Find your favorite maxi pads heavy from brands Always, Kotex and more here at Walgreens.com.

Day or night protection

Feel confident that your heavy flow maxi pad will keep you clean and comfortable by choosing the features that offer you the best protection. For reliable safeguards against leaks, look for a fast-absorbing core, strong adhesive or wings to keep the pad in place, and shapes to best work with your body. Ultra thin maxi pads are discreet and comfortable as well as reliable. There are even maxi pads for heavy flow that can include odor neutralizers, material that locks away moisture and keeps you dry, and extra side protection that can hold up for hours.

Cover all your options

For light to heavy days, there are pantiliners and tampons to help protect you throughout your period. Our selection of feminine needs products offers varying levels of protection with scented and unscented options. We also carry menstrual pain relievers and heat therapy products to help alleviate cramps. For your other feminine health needs, you'll find feminine freshness washes, feminine wipes and yeast infection treatments.