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Mens compression socks

To keep your legs and feet comfortable and healthy, try wearing men's compression socks. These men's socks can help improve circulation in your feet and legs to prevent swelling and leg fatigue. You can find men's compression socks from brands such as TruForm, Jobst and MediCool here at Walgreens.com in different styles and colors to meet your needs.

Finding a length and style for you

Narrow your search for men's compression socks by finding the compression level you need. We carry mild, moderate, firm and more levels of compression for your comfort and health. Depending on your preferences and style, you can choose athletic compression socks, casual compression socks or compression dress socks. Compression socks for men come in lengths that include ankle-length, knee-high and thigh-high.

Support hosiery

If you need additional compression throughout your legs, browse our assortment of support hosiery. You can find anti-embolism stockings for men and women in knee-high and thigh-high lengths. Choose from closed-toe and open-toe stockings in white or beige colors. Women can choose from different colors that complement their outfits or their shoes, and men can find many skin-toned varieties that offer discreet support.