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Moderate maxi pads

You can stay dry and confident with moderate maxi pads. Choose from the variety of these maxi pads, whether you prefer pads with flexi-wings or ones that are scented or unscented. There are even thin moderate maxi pads for comfortable, discreet protection. Here at Walgreens.com, you can choose moderate maxi pads from brand Always and more.

Feel protected

Moderate or regular maxi pads offer reliable protection and can help keep you dry and feeling fresh. These feminine pads can give you peace of mind so you can go about your day without worrying. Moderate maxi pads include features to protect against leaks and keep you feeling comfortable. Ultra thin maxi pads offer slim, discreet protection that is designed to be just as reliable without the bulk of some maxi pads.

Maxi pads and more

Whether you're looking for maxi pads with wings or wingless pads, Walgreens.com has a full selection of feminine protection products to choose from. Trusted brands offer tampons, pantiliners,menstrual relief products and pain relievers to make it easier to navigate any time of the month. Dealing with sleeplessness, cramps or fatigue? Try PMS pain relief remedies and heat pads to help alleviate cramps. Our feminine needs items also include feminine washes, freshness wipes and yeast infection treatments for other feminine needs.